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Geripractix is a Private Practice model for Nurse Practitioners

Geripractix is an Australia wide private practice model for Nurse Practitioners.  It is especially suitable for providing a private A+E outreach to enhance hospital avoidance,  treating patients in residential facilities in lieu of the current frequent default of sending them to hospital for assessment.  A large number of patients can be treated successfully at their residential facility and only those in need of admission are transferred.

  • Hospital avoidance is a win for everyone –  especially the patient
  • Elderly patients sent to Hospital are at high risk of delirium and adverse outcomes.  Patients who are medically managed can have successful treatment at their Nursing home.

A Nurse Practitioner working regularly in a residential facility knows the patient’s baseline and time is saved on taking a history and being brought up to speed. They are working in an environment that they are familiar with which also saves time. The patient’s medical history and all information is available on our data base. They are familiar with the family and their expectations and have already developed relationships on this front.

Each patient who avoids hospital, avoids hospital costs. Obviously not all patients can avoid hospital, such as those with a fractured hip requiring surgery but a vast majority of patients can be managed at their facility.

Ambulance fees and Accident and Emergency costs are reduced.  Elderly demented patients who require one on one nursing are better served in their own environment not disrupting and clogging up trauma and acute services.

The Geripractix model of care

  • Hospital admissions do not serve aged care patients well as they are at greater risk of delirium and acquiring hospital infections. Also Advance Care Directives often exclude  invasive major treatments.
  • All patients in a high care residential facility could routinely be receiving hospital quality care with hospital avoidance as a major goal when possible.
  • Early recognition of deterioration can prevent a need for transfer down the track.

The Nurse Practitioner establishes a practice within a number of residential facilities within a close geographical boundary. The Nurse Practitioner can provide prompt A+E outreach service to sick or deteriorating patients, attending to those who would often be sent to hospital or have their treatment delayed waiting for their GP to be available. Nurse Practitioners review patients regularly and are in a good position to recognise clinical deterioration early and act pre-emptively. The Nurse Practitioner is already familiar with the patient’s baseline clinical status, has established a relationship with the patient and their family and understands their expectations and the content of their specific advanced care directive.

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