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The Geripractix Model of Care

There is an increasing aging population and more patients are coming into residential care. Many of these patients become high care as they ‘Age in Place”.

Current models of care are REACTIVE with the common default option being to transfer deteriorating patients to hospital.

Hospital admissions do not serve aged care patients well because they are at greater risk of developing delirium and acquiring hospital infections. Advanced care directives have often excluded invasive major treatments anyway.
All patients in high care residential facilities could routinely be receiving hospital quality care with hospital avoidance as a major goal when possible.

Early recognition of deterioration can prevent a needs for transfer down the track.

Geripractix is a PROACTIVE care model

The Nurse Practitioner establishes a practice within a number of residential facilities within a close geographical boundary.

The Nurse Practitioner can provide prompt A+E outreach service of sick or deteriorating patients. The NP can attend to the patients who would often be sent to hospital or have their treatment delayed waiting for their GP to be available. Nurse Practitioners review at risk patients regularly and are in a good position to recognise clinical deterioration early and act pre-emptively.

The Nurse Practitioner is already familiar with the patient’s baseline clinical status, has established a relationship with the patient and their family and understands their expectations and the content of their specific advanced care directive.

Nurse Practitioners liaise with the local hospital, having formed a relationship with treating hospital staff and can arrange and coordinate timely transfer if indicated.


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