Nurse Practitioners

Setting up in private practice is daunting, expensive and time consuming.

Geripractix is a private practice platform for Nurse Practitioners to be self-employed associates in a mobile virtual practice with shared resources using economies of scale to reduce management costs and expenses.

We have a working model of primary care in residential facilities with an emphasis on hospital avoidance. Clinical work is therefore challenging yet rewarding.

Private practice offers autonomy and independence but as associates in the same practice, no one is working alone. We are able to offer mentoring and support to maintain clinical governance as well as sound business practices.  We offer assistance and liaison with setting up our practice model in a series of locations suitable for local Nurse Practitioners using the established relationships we have with aged care providers.

The platform is available for others to join us and because we are virtual we can be anywhere there is an internet connection.

What is Geripractix?

  • Geripractix is a private practice model for Nurse Practitioners providing a collegiate environment for clinical governance and support

Why should I go into Private Practice?

  • Better remuneration
  • Independence and autonomy
  • Greater professional recognition and status

What are the benefits?

  • Hospital avoidance
  • Quality patient care
  • Job satisfaction
  • Recognition of professional status and achievement

What is the Geripractix model?

  • Geripractix offers a ready-made associateship using economies of scale and shared management resources in the development of your own patient base

The different tiers of patient care:

  • Acute Emergencies – these are triaged and prioritised.
  • Subacute Emergencies – blocked catheters, pyrexial patients, wounds for repair- these can be managed as the Nurse Practitioner attends each particular residential facility during their rounds. Our Geripractix office team ensures that the NP knows what and where the work is to be done so the NP doesn’t get distracted by lower tier work while sicker patients pile up. Geripractix office staff triage incoming email, phone and faxed referrals and these are communicated to the NP who then knows where they need to go according to priority.
Nurse Practitioners

Regular review of at risk patients detects deterioration sooner rather than later

Regular routine tasks , such as ear wax management programs, can make life much more comfortable for elderly patients and even reduce risk of delirium . INR monitoring, review of blood tests, chronic wounds and pressure areas etc can be managed promptly. All treatment is in collaboration with the patient’s usual GP.

Working with a Nurse Practitioner upskills the staff of the residential facility and they are less likely to ‘panic default’ sending patients to hospital, knowing that the Nurse Practitioner will be attending their facility soon.

Any initial resistance from treating GPs has been quickly overcome as they recognised the benefits to patients’ care and to their own work-life balance. Collaborating with a Nurse Practitioner makes their own work more efficient and less demanding while still maintaining control of their patients treatment strategies.

Nurse practitioners working for themselves are motivated as harder work is reflected in higher income.


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